Shattered window glass repair

Sometimes a shattered window glass repair, can break by itself. If it is toughened safety glass as in the picture provided below this article.

Toughened safety glass is a heat treated glass & can break due to microscopic particles of nickel sulphide mixed-in with the sand used in manufacturing the glass, then mixed with heat when getting toughened in a furnace can possibly cause the glass to spontaneously com bust.

Other factors for a window glass repair to shatter.

In most common reasons you require a shattered window glass repair, is in most cases from lawn mowing your back yard, or your children playing sports. From a wayward rock or a cricket ball.

Shattered window glass repair


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Choose Glass Guru for emergency shattered window glass repair

When you choose glass guru for an emergency shattered window glass repair, all onsite glass is installed to Australian standards 1288. All glass installation are fitted & installed of the highest standards, so you can be rest assured you & your loved ones will be safe from our glass installation.

Super fast onsite shattered window glass repair

Furthermore once you have made a phone call for your shattered window glass repair, you will be talking to the owner of Glass Guru home & office glass replacement, whom is a fully licensed QBCC glazier.

Also we repair shattered door glass replacement

In addition when we fix a shattered door glass replacement, all onsite glass is cleaned up by us here at Glass Guru home & office glass replacement, Please leave all broken glass for glass guru to clean up, as broken glass is a highly dangerous product.

We use safety glass for door glass replacement

In conclusion safety glass is essential to be installed for your door glass replacement, what is safety glass? There are two types of safety glass for a door glass replacement, Laminated safety glass & toughened safety glass.

Laminated safety glass is two pieces of glass or multiple layers of glass sandwiched between a plastic inter layer. Where as toughened safety glass is a heat treated glass, as when broken shatters into tiny pieces of glass with the chance of human injury less severe.

Melbourne emergency glass is also another great glass installation company.

Can my window glass break on its own

In some cases yes your glass window can break on its own, there can be a range of reasons why. Can be from sudden temperature change, defects within the glass especially if it is toughened safety glass. Incorrect edgework possible shells on the glass edge.

Tinted glass can break due to uneven shading where as one part of the glass may heat up from the sun rising on just one part of the glass causing expansion and contraction.