Shattered window glass repair

Affordable shattered window repairs

When you’re out playing sports, accidents can happen. A wayward rock or a cricket ball can easily shatter your window glass. But don’t worry, Glass Guru is here to help! Call us at 0408 743 981 for emergency shattered window glass repair. Check out our videos on YouTube page

At Glass Guru, we prioritize your safety. That’s why all our onsite glass installations are done according to Australian standards 1288. Our team ensures that every glass installation is of the highest quality, providing you and your loved ones with a secure and safe environment.

We take pride in our super-fast onsite shattered window glass repair. Once you reach out to us, you’ll have the opportunity to speak directly with the owner of Glass Guru, who is a fully licensed QBCC glazier. With our expertise, rest assured that your shattered window glass will be fixed promptly and efficiently.

Glass Guru we will fix your shattered windows

In addition to window glass repair, we also specialize in shattered door glass replacement. Our team at Glass Guru will not only fix your shattered door glass but also take care of the onsite glass cleanup. It’s important to leave all broken glass for our experts to handle, as broken glass can be highly dangerous.

When it comes to door glass replacement, we prioritize your safety once again. We make sure to use safety glass for every installation. Safety glass comes in two types: laminated safety glass and toughened safety glass. Laminated safety glass consists of two pieces of glass or multiple layers of glass sandwiched between a plastic interlayer. On the other hand, toughened safety glass is heat-treated and shatters into tiny pieces when broken, reducing the chances of severe human injury. check out our reviews

Melbourne Emergency Glass is another reputable glass repair and installation company worth considering. However, if you choose for your shattered window and door glass repair, you can expect exceptional service and top-quality installations.

Sometimes, glass windows can break on their own, and there can be various reasons behind it. Sudden temperature changes, defects within the glass (especially if it’s toughened safety glass), incorrect edgework, or uneven shading on tinted glass can all contribute to spontaneous breakage. If you encounter such an issue, don’t hesitate to reach out to Glass Guru for assistance.

Recommended pet door installer in Melbourne

If you’re a pet owner in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered as well. specializes in pet door installations in Melbourne for cats and dogs. Rest assured, all our pet door installations are done with toughened safety glass and are compliant with AS 1288 standards. Your furry friends will have easy access to the outdoors while maintaining the security and integrity of your home.