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Needed some glass repaired in our French doors. Rang at around 2pm and he was out repairing by 3pm. Quick, efficient and great job. Thanks so much!
Sammy Gaffney
Sammy Gaffney
05:41 19 Jan 22
We had our window broken called for a fast glass repair, this local glazier did a fantastic time efficient glass replacement. Even gave us a 10% discount.
Thilac Thilacsan
Thilac Thilacsan
23:35 18 Jan 22
Fabulous service! Managed to fit me in an hour after I called, super quick window replacement, super competitive pricing. Thrilled with this company :)Located in Deebing Heights
Vivienne Thomas
Vivienne Thomas
02:25 08 Sep 21
Thank you for fixing my glass sliding door so quickly and efficiently. Everything was cleaned well afterwards and I'm very happy with the job.Thank you.
Lindy Bliss
Lindy Bliss
11:44 04 Jan 21
Quick and efficient glass window repair in Sandgate.
Charles Grey
Charles Grey
02:28 07 Jan 19
I wasn't sure what to do with the broken window. I called up the glass guru and he gave me a good quote and came out in an hour and an hour later I'm back to normal. Great service. Great quote, I will call them again if need be.
Michelle Gillies
Michelle Gillies
01:13 18 May 18

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At Glass Guru our Brisbane glazing repair service, of fast safe broken window & door glass replacement. Our professionalism ensure to secure and restoration of your windows or doors.

Furthermore for fast and reliable window repairs choose us as your choice of glazier with years of expert knowledge in all your home glass.

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Kids been playing and a wayward ball gone astray and in need of a fast window glass replacement, we will have safely repaired and all broken glass removed.

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If from a break in for hubby been doing the lawnmowing after a fast door glass repair, Glass Guru will fix onsite at your home or business we will have you covered all door glass replacement is fitted with either toughened or laminated safety glass.

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Glass Guru home and office glass replacement and pet door installation, we take pride in our glazing workmanship and have our customers as our main priority. To fit within your busy time schedule for any window and door glass repairs.

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    Can my window glass break on its own

    This can be known as spontaneous window glass breakage, as it is a heat treated toughened safety glass. The most common reason is the edges of the glass could have had some chips in it, form either being processed, packaged or from the installation process.

    Toughened glass is 4 – 5 times stronger than ordinary annealed glass. It is given its extra strength quality’s by heating pre-cut panels of glass to about 650 C (1200 F), then cooling them rapidly through a process called ‘quenching, through a blower of high velocity cool air.

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    My sliding door glass broke by itself why?

    A glass door breaking by itself is not uncommon, called spontaneous glass breakage. Reasons that can cause this to occur are man, such as, fluctuations in the glass temperature as inside of a house temperature can be different to outside temperature can cause expansion within your door glass panel causing the breakage.

    Other reasons can be from imperfections in the edgework of the door glass panel such as chips on the glass edges or from installation as it is a toughened safety glass which is 4 – 5 times stronger than normal glass. All edgework must be chip free or no signs of any damage.

    Check out this video of how toughened glass looks like when it shatters

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    What are the benefits of laminated glass over normal window glass?

    The benefits of laminated safety glass is the fact that it is 2 x layers of normal annealed glass sandwiched over a sheet of PVB plastic interlayer, when broken compared to just one normal window pane glass panel it will hold together with far less chances of injury to any persons, compared to a normal window glass panel when broken can cause injury.

    Check this video of laminated safety glass breakage

    Other benefits are, noise reduction cutting down on acoustic sounds like traffic or any outdoor noise, a lot depends on which thickness plastic interlayer may be chosen. Most domestic standard interlayer thickness is .38mm but if you want more sound reduction can choose a thicker more sound reduction interlayered laminated .76mm more info link.

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    I need a licensed glass repair glazier service near me in Brisbane

    It is advisable for you as a consumer to choose a licensed glazier for your home or business glass repair, for your broken windows or shattered glass door replacement. Glass Guru we are a QBCC licenced glazing business as all of our workmanship is guaranteed.

    With over 150 5 star reviews and been in business since 2005, when you choose a licensed QBCC glazier you can be rest assured also if we may have performed any faulty workmanship, till this date has been none you are covered insurance wise.

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    Does my whole door glass panel need replacing for my dog door

    In most cases yes, as in all glass entry doors it is required to have safety glass installed and most likely if a full panel entry or glass sliding door it will already be toughened or laminated safety glass in which case you can not cut out toughened safety glass. So we will measure and order a new toughened glass panel to fit your glass pet door with the appropriate glass cut out.

No glass repair callout fee

We do not charge a glass repplacement callout fee for making our glazing service hassle-free and affordable for the customers. Our Glass Guru glazier expert will only charge you for the agreed quotation or glass materials used and the payment is accepted by either cash debit or credit card.

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